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Long Ridge Dental believes that high-quality comprehensive dentistry should be available to everyone. You want your family to enjoy lasting oral health, but sometimes finances and insurance coverage become major concerns. To solve this, we’ve developed our Smile Savings Program. If you also want to boost up your self-esteem and feel happy about yourself, but the cost of dental surgeries stops you, here is good news. With our (Long Ridge Dental) Savings Plan you can realize your dream of getting that perfect smile without the price tag that comes along with it. Our team will assure you a positive and relaxing experience.

How Long ridge Dental Savings Plan works?

The Long Ridge Dental Savings Plan is a comprehensive plan which offers high quality dental services to each and every member of your family at highly discounted prices. Most of the times, people tend to ignore small problems in their teeth just because they are not covered by their insurance plans. But with our Long Ridge Dental Savings Plan, all you have to do is to pay one yearly fee for each family member and enjoy all of the preventive care you need, plus a significant discount on all other services.


• Free routine exam twice a year

• Free dental cleaning twice a year

• Free routine x-rays twice a year

• Affordable membership fee

• 25%-50% savings on all dental procedures: Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry & Luxury Dentistry

• Special Discount on procedures by specialists: Oral Surgeon, Pediatric Dentist & Endodontist)

• Lowest price guarantee

• Validity of plan at multiple convenient locations in Stamford, and Bridgeport CT
(Please refer to http://www.longridgedental.com/ for detail.)

• Immediate activation at sign up

• No pre-authorization requirement

• No pre-existing condition limitation

• No yearly maximums or deductibles

Benefits of Becoming a Member of Long Ridge Dental Savings Plan

The saving plans are completely value-for-money! The plans are created for all family sizes to ensure great convenience and big savings. You can select a plan according to your needs and family size.
Affordable: This plan is almost the only way to get access to high quality dental care and procedures which are not covered under general insurance plans.
Quick: When you are enrolled for Long Ridge Dental Savings Plan, you can fix up quick appointments with the dentist. This is very beneficial in emergency situations. 

Which plan to choose?

You can choose the plan according to your needs or the number of members in your family. The annual fees for a family will add up to:

Individual: $150 Family of 2: $250 Family of 3: $350 Family of 4: $450 Family of 5: $550

You can certainly notice the fees for the entire family is negligent when you compare it with the cost of a regular treatment. So it is simply savings all the way.


Why Long Ridge Dental?

Long Ridge Dental has been crafting healthy, pearly white and beautiful smiles for our patients. Thousands of patients dream of self improvement has been realized with us. We have highly trained doctors on staff to serve your need at reasonable cost.

Start Savings Today

Long Ridge Dental strives to be everything your family needs for lasting oral health—financial help included. In many ways, our Smile Savings Program is even better than insurance. Secure your family’s oral health. Ask us about our Smile Savings Program today! At Long Ridge Dental, our motive is to give you the best services and the complete value for your money. So get your LRD (Long Ridge Dental) Savings Plan now and ensure your oral well-being. It is a perfect way to enhance your confidence and feel good about yourself. After all, who doesn’t want to flaunt the perfect white pearly teeth?


FAMILY OF 5 : $550     BUY NOW

$20 per additional family member after 5

  • Free routine exam twice a year

  • Free dental cleaning twice a year

  •  Free routine x-rays twice a year

  •   Affordable membership fee

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Testimonials from our patients

 “We absolutely love Long Ridge Dental. The doctors are caring and compassionate.”


“Long Ridge Dental has the latest equipments and technology. The staff is friendly and the doctors are kind and professional.”


“Amazingly comfortable dental experience for both adults and kids. My kids are looking forward going to dentist appointments. The doctors have gentle hands and are very knowledgeable. The staff is always welcoming and friendly.”


“Long Ridge Dental is the place for high quality dental work with professional doctors and helpful staff.”


“What a professional environment Long Ridge Dental provides. The staff is well trained and friendly. The doctors are capable and caring.”


“These people are awesome. The staff is super nice and efficient. The doctors are understanding and have good chair-side manner. This place is so clean and high tech as well.”

Guidelines and Limitations

-Will expire 12 months after sign-up date.
-Is non transferable.
-Cannot be used in conjunction with any other dental coverage/benefit or other discounts.
-Will not apply to Care Credit or other financing program.
-Will not cover any portion of a specialist referral.
-Will not apply to injuries filed under workmanʼs compensation.
-Will not apply to procedures outside the treating dentistʼs capabilities.
-Will not apply to procedures done elsewhere other that designated Long Ridge Dental locations.
-Will not apply to hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind.
-Will not apply to automobile medical coverage.
-All additional charges or remaining balances are due the day of service.
-All savings plan membership fees are non-refundable regardless of numbers of use by the purchaser.
-The savings plan is NOT insurance and cannot be used as a supplement.


If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us by calling or e-mailing us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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